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EDTC 6343 - MTT Practicum Course Page

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 Laura Rivera Spring 2012 Home

EDTC 6343. 62 - MTT Practicum Course Work Page


Assignment Date Link
Case Study A - Mr. Haddad 1/29/2012 Case Study A - Mr. Haddad
Concept Map 1/29/2012 Concept Map
Powerpoint Skills App A 2/05/2012

PPT Skills App A

Excel Skills App A 2/14/2012 Excel Skills App A
Grant Proposal   Grant Proposal
Case Study B - Mr. Gonzalez 2/26/2012 Case Study B - Mr. Gonzalez
Competency 008: E - G Study Guide  3/20/2012  Comp. 008 E - G Study Guide 
Powerpoint Skills App B - Butterflies 4/1/2012  PPT Skills App B - Butterflies 
Excel Skills App B -Labor 4/15/2012  Excel Skills App B - Labor 
Case Study C - Miss Martinez 5/6/2012  Case Study C - Miss Martinez 
PPT Skills App C - Cells 4/15/2012  PPT Skills App C- Cells 
Excel Skills App C - Inflation 4/15/2012  Excel Skills App C - Inflation 
Excel Skills App D - Profits 4/15/2012  Excel Skills App D - Profits 
PPT Skills App D - Clouds 4/15/2012 PPT Skills App D - Clouds 
Excel Skills App E - Freight 4/25/2012 Excel Skills App E - Freight
Case Study D - Mrs. Reed 5/6/2012  


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